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"Beyond right and wrong there is a field, I will meet you there."                                                      Rumi


"Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”                                                                Ramana Maharshi



Presence, clarity, simplicity and love, combined with techniques to expand consciousness create a supportive field that enables growth, development and self realization. 

This work contributes to the unfolding of a new life-sustaining culture that is based upon evolving consciousness in every human being and in all of society.

It is about bringing our deep and natural divine presence forth into all areas of human expression,
so that we are able to embody wisdom and love in every circumstance we are in.

Emotional Detox through Tao-Tantric-Bodywork

Why and where do we store emotions?
When we are in situations where we are not able to feel the intensity of our experience the body tends to store this energy in the organs, the muscles or the tissue, also in the genital area. Extreme examples of that are traumatic experiences. Those blockages can act out on the physical level as diseases or pain because the flow of life energy is interrupted and this can also make our body acidic in the same way how unhealthy air, food or other outer circumstances do that. Tension and pain or even numbness are results of stuck emotions. When our body is filled with negativity there is not much space for joy and happiness, for the expansion of energy and the expression of our full potential.

How can we release emotions?
Some release we can do on our own by shaking the body, feeling emotions and expressing them, practicing Yoga, meditation etc. but it takes a long time and usually we don’t reach the deep blockages. Working with taoist and tantric methods such as: creating sacred space, invoking and connecting with unconditional love, deep breathing, acupressure, pulsing, inner organ massage and opening energy centres we work physically and energetically on the blockages. We support the body to open and let go, so that spots of tension and blocked emotions or even trauma can start to move and be released. This also supports that your body becomes more alkaline. If stagnant energy leaves your body there is more space for the flow of Chi = life energy, pleasure, health, longevity and spirituality.

Procedure of the bodywork
Before the session you will be informed carefully about this work. We will meet on skype or in person to get to know each other and to give you the opportunity to ask questions and to sense if there is enough trust to go on this journey together. We will define on which issues you want to work. You need to give a written consent about the level of intimacy of the session such as working with cloths on or cloths off and also on which parts of the body. You always determine how deep you want to go and you can stop in any moment of the session regardless your written consent. 

Structure and costs
A session takes about 3 to 6 hours. The regular price is 350 €. As I am doing case studies for my certification, I’ll offer this sessions on donation base (minimum 100 €) for a limited period of time. It is beneficial if you can give yourself some space for healing and integration after the session. It would be ideal to have a day off from work or be at least in a “take it easy” mode.

Origin of this work, information, videos, feedback from clients
Please check the webpage of my teacher Mal Weeraratne: www.tantricjourney.com school of healing and awakening or read his book “Emotional Detox through bodywork”